Those of you that have followed Grit & Grace for a while, may know that as well as being the founder of Grit & Grace, I also have a full-time job. Just like anyone else, I get up, go to work, come home and go about my daily routine. I will hold my hands up and say that before I started researching the possibility of launching my own brand, I hadn’t fully considered the impact that my own habits and behaviours had on the environment. Five or six articles into my research and I began to realise that there are so many small changes that we can make, to do our bit for the planet.


There is the obvious and probably most talked about change; swapping take out cups and plastic bottles for a water bottle or keep-cup. This is one that I was already winning at. I have an insulated bottle permanently on my desk at work, one at home which normally sits at the side of my bed and one that comes to the gym with me. If you’re debating whether to invest in a bottle, the double or triple walled bottles not only keep your water cold but can also be used to keep tea, coffee or even soup hot.


I don’t know about you but I’m not particularly great at meal prep but what I am good at, is making way too much food in the evening. Lunch the next day and possibly the next ten is then leftover dinner. Like most people I had an abundance of plastic containers that I’d collected over the years and used these to transport my lunch to work.  However, according to numerous studies these plastic containers aren’t particularly great as they can leak chemicals into your food, particularly when heated. As mine have come to the end of their life, I’ve been replacing them with stainless steel and glass containers, meaning that I’m not ingesting toxic chemicals but I’m also cutting down on the amount of plastic in my home.

If like me, you pop to your local Pret or Itsu more often than you take packed lunch to work, you have a couple of options: you could reclaim your lunch hour and take time out to sit and relax instead of rushing back your desk. Dining in after all means less packaging gets used and you regain your sanity for 60 minutes at least. Another alternative is to keep cutlery at work/ in your bag and say no to the plastic cutlery that is offered to you. 


Instead of using paper for tasks, to do lists and shopping lists either create online notes using an app (Notepad / Trello / Asana) or use a reusable book (Rocketbook or RUBbook) that can be wiped clean and used again. We use a version of the latter in some of the departments at work but the beauty of some of the consumer versions mentioned above is that they come with a mobile app that allows you to scan your pages and turn them into PDFs so that you can categorise and track to your hearts content.


We don’t have bins at our desks anymore to encourage us to sort our rubbish before disposing of it. These have been replaced with recycling bins in a central location in every department. At first this was frustrating and inconvenient but to be honest, when you have no choice it begins to drive certain behaviours & good ones at that. I imagine most of the companies that you work at have started to implement and encourage recycling, even if it’s just paper and bottles but if they haven’t, you could always suggest some options to them and hopefully get some brownie points for doing so.

Terra Cycle also offer a service that allows companies to set up a collection for their hard to recycle items such as pens, coffee capsules, paper clips and printer cartridges, meaning that more and more items can be disposed of in a responsible way and be diverted from landfill and incinerators.  


If your company is involved in any type of volunteering or promotional work that involves wearing a branded t-shirt. There are several companies that now offer organic and recycled fabrics. If your company doesn’t already do so, you could always provide recommendations for new suppliers and be the face of sustainability in your firm.

If your reading this post, I can only assume you enjoy keeping fit and are a lover of activewear. So, if you’re looking to step up your sustainability game, why not grab yourself an Aurora sports bra or pair of leggings. Our range is not only made from regenerated ocean plastic but is produced in low volumes to minimise any waste and impact on the environment.