Grit & Grace is a premium activewear brand, designed in Leeds and manufactured in London. Grit & Grace is challenging traditional mass production/ throwaway fashion and focusing on sustainability by using recycled fabrics where possible and made to order/small volume production to ensure that waste is kept to a minimum. We’re committed to producing activewear in a more environmentally conscious way without sacrificing style, functionality or quality.

Our supply chain is relatively simple. We source our fabrics and components direct from manufacturers based mainly in Europe and use UK based manufacturers for our packaging and activewear. Grit and Grace only works with suppliers and manufacturers that share the same values and ethical standards.

Our founder, Stephanie, has always been passionate about keeping fit but in 2016 was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition which required her to change the way she trained, substituting running in favour of strength training. Having to spend much more time in the gym inspired Stephanie to design her own sportswear range and research into the clothing industry provoked a passion for sustainability and small volume production.

In a world of fast fashion and mass production, finding manufacturers that were willing to support a sustainable, small volume business has been no mean feat and at times seemed impossible. Many clothing industry professionals along with other entrepreneurs were quick to discourage Steph from pursuing this project and they very nearly succeeded. However, a near death experience, requiring an emergency blood tranfusion encouraged Steph to ignore the nay sayers and continue in the pursuit of finding companies to support her vision.

It’s taken a little time, but Grit & Grace is now finally here.